• "APOCALYPSE SURF", from 1986 to 1991,
  • "A Snowboard", from 1992 to 2002,
  • "APO", from 2003 to 2014


  • 1983 - Ski Espace, Didier Lafond
  • 1983 - Apocalypse Snow, Didier Lafond
  • 1985 - Apocalypse Snow II, Didier Lafond
  • 1987 - Canon Surf I
  • 1988 - Canon Surf II
  • 2008 - Apocalypse Snow le Retour
  • born
    • SEPTEMBER 19, 1960
    • FRENCH
  • philosophy
    • Discover the mountain trhough snowboarding
  • specialities
    • Back country
    • Big Mountain Snowboarding
  • movie part
    • Apocalypse Snow I, II & III
    • Canon Surf I & II

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the World Snowboard Day team has once again gone above and beyond the call of duty to recruit a world-renowned ambassador. Given the accomplishments of past ambassadors Anne-Flore Marxer and Xavier De Le Rue, this was not an easy task! We then came up with an ingenious idea….

What better way to pay homage to snowboarding than via the individual who started it all in Europe?

This pioneering European snowboarder, protagonist in the legendary Apocalypse Snow film series, founder of no less than three snowboard brands, Régis Rolland is a living legend in the world of snowboarding, and has been leading the way for over 30 years!
He has seen snowboarding evolve over the years, and his expertise greatly contributed to its development. Today, he continues to snowboard as much as he can and to be involved in every aspect of the sport. It is with great pleasure that he agreed to be the ambassador for World Snowboard Day’s 9th edition.

Régis discovered snowboarding by being “in the right place at the right time,” witnessing the Winterstick team ride at the French Alps ski resort, Les Arcs, in January 1982.
“Prior to that day, I had never seen anyone riding sideways on a board to slide on snow.”
He ended up buying one of their Winterstick boards, and after they left, he was the only person venturing around the mountain on this new type of plank. Nevertheless, taming the beast did not happen overnight.

"I learned in the powder by riding a board whithout edges, by using rubber straps to hold my feet in place, and by wearing after-ski boots. It took me 3 months to make my 1st real turn.”

The sport became popular thanks to Régis via a promotional film for Les Arcs, and then through the now famous Apocalypse Snow film series (1984 to 1986), a trilogy that kicked-off the explosion of snowboarding in Europe and for which Régis became the iconic symbol, paving the way for big mountain riding.
These imaginative films traveled the world, won several international awards, and contributed to spreading the good word about snowboarding.
More than 20 years later, persuaded by Régis, director Didier Lafond filmed a sequel, Apocalypse Snow Le Retour, which came out in 2008. This time around, contrary to the first three films, the good guys try to catch the bad guy.

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