Ambassador for Asia!


May 14, 1977 - China

A Ji Lin city native now living in Beijing, WANG Lei gained a great deal of popularity during his professional sports career, and has continued to snowboard at a high level through his incredible talent, skill, and dedication. He is a compassionate and dependable person with a quick wit, giving and earning the respect of everyone he encounters.

WANG Lei embraces the pure spirit and style that typifies dedicated snowboarders around the world. After retiring from competition, WANG Lei’s travels extensively in China and abroad. Through his experience, talent, network, passion for extreme sports, and vision, WANG Lei is dedicated to the advancement of snowboarding in China.

He continues to work hard by connecting relevant and visionary brands with the local market, representing leading global industry brands and homegrown Chinese boardsports companies in their effort to reach to a growing Chinese winter sports community.

His popularity with the press ensures frequent coverage of snowboarding in various well-known media.

WANG Lei is a member of the POW Riders Alliance ( and serves as the president of CSbA (instagram @chinasnowboardassociation). Since 2009, he is the patron of World Snowboard Day in Asia, and supports growing the in China, Korea, and Japan.