WSBD in Snow Arena


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    Artūras ( Snow Arena)
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    Snow Arena
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    Début : 11:00
    Fin : 15:00
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Notre super programme

World Snowboard Day at “Snow Arena”, Druskininkai.

“Snow Arena” is the only indoor ski resort in the Baltic States with the 460m main and 150m beginners indoor slope and two outdoor slopes – 640m. and 300m. There also is a terrain park open all year round which is also the biggest snow park in Lithuania. This park houses five separate sections with a number of great jumps, big Air Bag, rails and boxes made for all kind of snowboarders and free-skiers.

 At 21st of January 2018 we will celebrate WSBD in “Snow Arena” again. We are very happy to be a part of this celebration. We will create special offers for all our guests and visitors, especially for kids. We will organize kids ski and snowboard competition in “Snow Arena”. With our sponsors we will provide prizes to competition winners and to many other participants, who will be brave enough to take the challenge. All customers will be able to try newest various brands Ski and Snowboard equipment. “Snow Arena” will also provide free group lessons to customers wanting to learn or improve their skiing or snowboarding skills. These lessons will be carry out during the day and will conduct by experienced professional ski and snowboard instructors from Ski School which is based at “Snow Arena” Druskininkai.  Everyone is welcome to celebrate World Snowboard Day in “Snow Arena”.

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